Magnet Investment Advisors Limited manages its clients and partners’ assets through a range of managed accounts and direct real estate and private equity investments.


The company invests in both debt and equity securities across all sectors with a focus on companies that benefit from the increasing importance of Asia on the world economic scene. Investments are selected using a disciplined, value-oriented and research driven approach in order to achieve substantial medium-term capital appreciation. We manage risk by monitoring industry, regional and investment diversification while using limited leverage. Our strategy is all geared towards capital appreciation and preservation and not volatility management. The strategy is designed for Institutions and Qualified Investors seeking superior medium term returns with tolerance for volatility. Our fundamental approach which uses limited leverage is geared towards prudent capital appreciation.


Our managed accounts invest in equity securities, options and futures in developed markets across the globe.  These segregated accounts are managed using strategies to generate non-correlated returns through market neutral long-short positions and are monitored with strict risk and volatility guidelines.